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Ezeiza airport guide

The international airport in Buenos Aires is called “Ministro Pistarini”, the international code is “EZE” for Ezeiza, the name of the zone where it is located.

All companies, except for Aerolíneas Argentinas and Austral, arrive at terminal A.

Arrival zone
Arrival zone
After going through passport control, baggage claim, and customs, you'll go into the main hall of the airport, passing by several offices of different companies. The first one to your left is “Manuel Tienda León”, the bus company for MDQ.

Manuel Tienda León office
Manuel Tienda León office
You can talk to them there, or you can leave the arrival area to the left, and talk to them from the outside.

Front of Manuel Tienda
                León office
Front of Manuel Tienda León office
In any of the two cases, you should have your reservation printed and show it to them, so that they confirm that you will be on the bus.

Afterwards, you will have to be at the company's window 10 minutes before the bus leaves; they'll call out everybody's names, and then accompany you to where the bus is parked. In the meantime, you can change money, drink a coffee, or do whatever you like, you don't need to wait by their window.

Changing money at the airport

Exchange places
Exchange places
When you arrive at the airport, you'll immediately see a booth of “Global Exchange”. DO NOT change money with them. They have very very bad rates. There are other places to change money, with quite acceptable rates.

Banco Nación
Banco Nación
To the right of the arrival lounge you'll see a “Banco Nación”, with an ATM.

Banco Piano downstairs
Banco Piano downstairs
It's possible that the queue at the “Banco Nación” is very long. If it is, and you are in a hurry, you can go to one of the two “Banco Piano” booths.

The first one is located to the right of the arrival louge, in the check-in louge in front of the 64-66 check-in desks, below the electric stairs.

Banco Piano Location upstairs
Banco Piano Location upstairs
The second one is located on the first floor, close to the departure gates.

Banco Piano upstairs
Banco Piano upstairs
Both offer the same rate.

If you can get your money from ATMs, then you can also use the ones located near the exit doors. Please check with your bank regarding the cost of getting the money from ATMs in Argentina, it might be a small or big comission depending on the bank, the type of account, etc.

Arriving at Terminal B

If, for some reason, you arrive at Terminal B, you can also contact the people from “Manuel Tienda León” and change money in there, but you will have to go to Terminal A to actually take the bus.

Manuel Tienda León office - Terminal B
Manuel Tienda León office - Terminal B
The “Manuel Tienda León” stand is just outside the customs hall, to your right.

Banco Nación - Terminal B
Banco Nación - Terminal B
The “Banco Nación” office is behind it. As before, if the queue is too long, you can go to the other Terminal. It's about 2 minutes walk between Terminals.